The World As I See It

Detecting the magic of the world around me is a constant for me. The methods, motivations, and different approaches for capturing this magic however is constantly changing. I created a labeling system to guide my thoughts and to help recognize when each approach is needed. Thinking of myself as an Observer…wow, I love that. So here goes:

Observers — enter the world with open eyes and hearts and are willing to just wait for what may appear. They aren't the ones I think of as striding out forcefully to FIND SOMETHING… to me that is a Seeker.

Seekers — miss so much on the way to unseen goals. Because they have criteria in mind and want to find something specific, they miss the small and everyday but still really special things around.

Creators — have specifics in mind …they know what they're after and are oblivious to the rest of the world around them. They have to have tunnel vision in their quest for the prize.

My labeling system is most likely a self-justification for me as an Observer because I love to just sit, be still, and watch the world at play. When movement isn't intruding in everyday life, so much is going on that is fascinating. I watched a garden spider repair her web. It was incredible to see the care with which she felt for the next broken section and then gently wove her home back together again. Or, after a long drought to watch the birds, in a distinct pecking order, queue up to take their turn to bathe. No, these aren't astounding things. But there have been so many times in my life spent rushing to work with no memory of those days…and yet these little things I do remember. So much of what I share are just moments where I encourage you to, "go ahead, pause a moment and just look at this!"

My Photography

I believe most art often takes a moment and gives it movement. On the other hand, photography often takes movement and pauses it for closer examination. When something I see makes me whisper wow, with luck, I can capture an image. If I do capture the moment then that picture allows me to feel the same zing each time I look at it. To see the moments I've come across, Click Here.

My Blogs

This world that tugs for my attention offers so much, if I but listen. I feel a challenge since it seems different messages call for different ways of expressing them…different voices are needed. I think of each creation as a conversation. Conversations aren't one-sided…so my blog is not to say look at what I've written, instead, this is how I observe my world…does it resonate with you? How do you see things and what speaks to you? Each category of my blog is distinctly different. So much so that the sights, sounds and feels may feel jarring combined into one blog. But walk down a path while enjoying all the scenery and experiences encountered. Once you pick a path, enjoy the journey and you are always able to open another door.

    Your Trail Map

Adjusting The Angle — I look at different ideas and issues that come up in life. The blogs are often written as metaphors for these larger issues. By shifting the perspective, they seem much more accessible and easier to consider. To take a look at these thoughts, Click Here.

What Nature Whispers — Here I use stories about what nature whispers to discover Mother Nature's lessons… while experiencing them from a personal point of view. To take a look at these thoughts, Click Here.

Children Can, You Can I Can — I strongly believe that encouraging children to develop an "I Can" attitude just adds so much more to their lives. This is a container for thoughts, shares, and anything else that feels like good information to help with encouraging them. To take a look at these thoughts, Click Here.

My Social Media

Social media has opened doors to the world for me and I have eagerly stepped through. These portals are where my thoughts, ideas and imagination can connect with the same in others.

  • twitter  Twitter requires ideas to be so distilled and clear.
  • Pinterest  Pinterest uses images to spark creativity and ingenuity.
  • Instagram  Instagram lets photos speak for themselves.
  • Facebool  Facebook – Marcia Mouron
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  • Please visit the Marcia Mouron Facebook or StopCan'ting Facebook pages. But I specifically encourage you to join the I Can Club Facebook group page. This is a place where many voices join and real sizzle happens as we learn how other see, approach, experience and share their world. How does it get any better than that?

    Man & Dog - Marcia Mouron

    Rainbow over the beach - Marcia Mouron

    Children'd Discussion by Marcia Mouron

    Woman At Table

    Sunken Boat by Marcia Mouron

    Girl Sitting on the Street by Marcia Mouron