Freeze Frame

I believe most art often takes a moment and gives it movement. On the other hand, photography often takes movement and pauses it for closer examination. When something I see makes me whisper wow, with luck, I can capture an image. If I do that picture allows me to feel the same zing each time I look at it.

I don't think of my attention as playing favorites but that's not true. Actually, I find that there are specific categories toward which my eye and photos gravitate.

  • Nature – The physical world and its inhabitants.
  • People – I think of street scenes… people going about their lives.
  • Dividing Lines – Places where worlds meet. Some of my favorites are:
    • Beaches – A favorite one is the land and ocean…a place filled with extremes.
    • Sunrise and Sunset – At the opening and closing acts of the day. Nature often gives her all.
    • Passages – Where the outer and inner world join. Some seem public but some private and tucked away.
  • Whimsy – Ok there are just moments that make me smile.

I like to change the images frequently and see how they dance together. Please check back frequently. Last updated: 12/23/16.

How I See Things