What Do You See And Hear?

In the south feelings often go unacknowledged for the sake of form. An observer of southerners knows what you are hearing does not always match with what you are seeing and, most likely, not even what's true…or at least not the whole tale. I admit that this way of dealing with life gave me an appreciation of looking at the same thing from a variety of different angles…sometimes fun, sometimes bewildering, but always uniquely southern…bless our hearts. (How very southern and tongue-in-cheek!)

Designs by Nature

When things become too convoluted there is always nature. Out in nature is where I feel most comfortable. In nature everything fits together perfectly; it is exactly how it should be. Yet with a shift of light the need for change is fulfilled. The same scene is now new and different. The layers of colors, lights, shadows, designs and movement are such gifts. The more I fit into nature, the more at peace I am, and the more I want to give form to these feelings

Take the Time to See

One thing that you can say about the south is that everything is very alive and the energy of that world is palpable to those who wish to step out and experience it. This awareness of the world around me has become a way of life. After claiming my allegiance to the south, I now must admit that each place I have traveled to has its own charm, and when you take the time to become aware of what's around you, it is amazing and wonderful. Y'all enjoy my world and your own too…ok I couldn't resist the y'all!

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