You don't have to be an I CAN'T!

Very young children are amazing little beings, always investigating and trying new things. THEN I Can't thinking creeps in when they begin to register that some of the things they are trying are kind of hard to do. NEXT comes saying "I Can't do it." This I Can't thinking just limits them so much. Since many new things are hard at first, saying, "I Can't" quickly becomes a habit. Children may say "I Can't" even while they are actually trying. Lack of immediate success only reinforces the I Can't thinking. By the end of the book they will see they are an I CAN just waiting to be! I believe - In positive inspiration and expanding horizons! With rhyme

YOU CAN I CAN speaks about fun things to do and demonstrates that saying "I Can't" means missing out on that fun.

Moreover, from the very start one can ALWAYS be an I CAN that tries! Finally, the end of the book reveals the secret of how to go from being an I Can't to an I CAN!

I believe — you are never too young or too old to be an I CAN!

I believe — YOU CAN I CAN actually speaks to anyone, of any age, who lets I Can't thinking limit how amazing one's life can be.

I believe — that learning should be fun and encourage kids to believe in themselves...that opens a world of possibilities!

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